Most Popular Roulette Bets Tips and Tricks

The roulette games are in play for hundreds of years and are gaining popularity ever since. These offer profitable refunds to both players as well as the casinos. These have various edges and are proportional to the risks a person faces in these games. These are the simplest and fastest way to earn money.

Roulette Games

American and European roulettes are the most popular word comes from French which means small wheel. Roulette tables are made of two things in particular. One is the wheel itself, and the second is the two layouts numbered compartments made of red and black colors. The wheel in this game is rotated horizontally. A ball is drawn on the wheel in the direction opposite to the direction of motion of the wheel. The number on which the ball stops, the player with that number is the winner.

Layouts of Roulette Tables

The roulette tables in Europe consist of the number 0. While American roulette tables consist of digits 0 and 100. The main part of the table is designed with 36 consecutive numbers alternatively of red and black colors.

Different Types of Roulettes

  •     American roulette. American roulette tables consist of both the characters 0 and 00. The order of numbers 1 to 36 lies between these two figures. These tables can be edgy for players because they have high favor rates towards the casino.
  •     European roulette. The European roulettes have a pocket space of only 37 pockets which include only a single 0. These tables are more played on compared to American tables as the favored rate of these towards the casinos is comparatively half that of others.
  •     Double ball roulette. These roulette tables are mostly found in Vegas casinos. These are based on the very same principle as that of European roulette tables. These just include an additional of the white ball, purely to increase the thrill of the game.
  •     Multi-wheel roulette. These roulette tables have multiple wheels acting in the gameplay. These are precisely 8 in number. The thing about this table is that you can place your bet on a single number on all the 8 wheels.
  •     Rapid roulette. This is a video roulette. If you want an in-and-out roulette game, this can precisely be the one that you are looking for. This is a virtual video board completely imitating a real roulette table. These types of tables provide more profit margin to the players compared to the casinos. Therefore, these attract a lot of players.
  •     Mini roulette. Instead of a 37 or 38 number wheel, this table has a 13 number wheel. In this, a bet that does not cover zero will only lose half of its bet but on other tables, you will lose the complete bet.

Tips and Tricks to win Games on Roulette

  •     The best way is to focus on outside bets. It reduces the risk of losing your money and helps you gain profit.
  •     On European roulette tables, the best bet in which offers the pon option. This reduces the house edge by half.
  •     Past posting is also a potential way to gain more profit.
  •     It is said that “17” is the most hit number on roulette tables.
  •     Try to choose a number that has been a repeater.
  •     The Fibonacci system is one of the safest Roulette strategies.

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