How the four different rounds of Texas Hold’em Poker work?

Texas Hold’em Poker is one favorite online card game that will keep on running for centuries. The rules of this game are simple as a player has to make a best five sequence. The bets can be made at any round but the winner of the game is decided after all the rounds are finished. Before starting the game a player needs to understand the rules and playing strategies of poker. The poker 99 not only provides a good environment for playing online poker but it also contains some great advice.

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Let’s understand how the four rounds of Texas Hold’em poker works

  1. Preflop Round: In this round, two faces down cards are given to each player. Within the players, two players sitting side by side have to place bets. One player will make a small bet and the person sitting next to him places a big bet, while other players play for free. The person sitting next to the left of Big Blind player has three options to go with. First is Call in which the player is putting the same amount as the Big Blind. Second is Raise meaning the player is raising the amount of Bet. The third is the Fold meaning the person is quitting the game for this round or leaving the table. Rest of the players is also heaving these options.

  1. Flop Round: In this round three, cards are dealt on the table known as a community card. In this round, the players can use their face down cards and community cards to make a sequence. The person who made the small bet starts the game. He is having three options for this round. First is Check means he is in the game and not placing any bets. Second, Bet means betting the amount and third is fold. All the players are having these same options expect Check till the last player completes all the options.

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  1. Turn Round: A fourth card is dealt on the table making a total of six cards available to make a sequence. There are can be any number of players present at poker 99 qq but basically, the most popular one is six man poker table. The options available for players are same as the Flop round.

  1. River Round: This is the last round where a fifth card is dealt on the table. Now the players are having seven cards to make a five cards best sequence to win the game. The options available are same as the Second and third round. Once the round is finished then all the players have to show their cards. The player who is having the best sequence in the game takes all the table chips.

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