Creating Necklaces From Vegas Clay Casino Chips

Many people are beginning to carry out the entire process of creating necklaces from Vegas Clay Casino Chips! If you’re searching for any unique gift to provide your poker buddies, this will make an ideal choice! Now all your relatives, buddies, along with other special individuals your existence can also enjoy their particular bit of Vegas! Within this guide, you’ll be brought to the types of materials that are required to produce these fantastic conversational pieces, along with the instructions regarding how to produce a unique gift for almost anybody!

Materials Needed:

o             A number of Vegas Clay Casino Chips

o             An range of necklace chains using the clasp design of your liking

o             An range of pendant loops that match the necklace chains

o             Craft jewels which are gold, silver, or red colored

o             Clear coat

o             Hot glue gun

o             Hot glue gun sticks

o             Craft drill or standard drill while using tiniest drill bit


1.The very first factor that for you to do is to acquire a number of Pro Clay Casino Chips. You might want to buy a Casino Chips Set, or just a variety of Casino Chips acquired from a variety of sets.

2. After you have the Clay Casino Chips that you’ll use, you should go ahead and take necklace chains and pendant loops you have purchased and match them track of the chips. You will need to create each necklace in a way that chain, nick, and loop colors are complimenting one another.

3. Next, go ahead and take obvious coat you have acquired and completely cover one for reds from the nick. You need to allow this side to totally dry after which switch the nick and canopy the rest of the side. You need to allow this side to dry before proceeding to another step.

4. Since the Vegas Clay Casino Chips that you’re using to produce your specific necklaces has dried, it’s time to drill the opening into the top nick with whether craft drill or perhaps a standard drill while using tiniest drill bit. Once completed, have a soft cloth and brush away any shavings which may be remaining around the nick.

5. Once this is accomplished, choose which side from the Clay Poker Nick would be the face from the necklace. After you have carried this out, connect the new glue gun and remove the craft jewels you have purchased for that product. You are able to want to put one jewel somewhere evidently or several – it’s your choice.

6. When the glue gun is prepared, place a tiny bit of glue around the back side of every craft jewel that you would like to put around the Poker Nick. Then, carefully put the jewel in position. You should do that gently initially. By doing this, when the jewel doesn’t fit exactly as you desire, you are able to adjust without ruining the nick.

7. When the jewel is to need it, press lower and hold for roughly 20 to 30 seconds. This can be sure that the jewel is firmly attached.

8. If you want, you might now place another layer of obvious coat evidently from the nick, making certain that you simply cover the jewel you have just put on the piece.

9. Now, go ahead and take pendant loop and push it with the hole that you simply drilled within the Vegas Clay Casino Chips. Once in position, you are prepared for that final step.

10. When the pendant loop is within place, take among the necklace chains and slide it with the loop. Now, you’ve got a beautiful and different necklace made up of authentic Clay Casino Chips!

If you’ve been thinking about giving a distinctive gift to a person, or buying a unique gift for many, creating necklaces from Vegas Clay Casino Chips is an excellent idea! The receiver of the unique gift will certainly cherish it for years to come!

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