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Compared to the variety of betting options and the betting offer, this bookmaker is at the top level in the top online bookmakers. Find out which are the best bookmakers from the point of view of the pre-match betting offer, but also the position of the bookmaker in this hierarchy by accessing the rating of the online bookmakers according to the sports betting offer.

  • Handicap betting
  • European Handicap – Yes
  • Asian Handicap – Yes
  • Asian Totals – Yes

Sports offer – Exchange

The sports offer is very rich, but given the exchange 먹튀 검증 betting system, there must be customers who bet against you. In common bets, you will generally find customers who bet against your bet. But if you want to bet on, for example, correct score for a match in the 3rd League in Romania, it is very possible that your bet will remain with the status “Unmatched”, if no one is found to bet against your prediction.


On the standard sports betting platform you will find approximately the same offer as on the betting exchange platform. However, the betting options are not as diversified as in the case of the top online betting agencies in Romania.

Betting systems

Trixie, Patent, Yankee, Canadian, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath, but also the classic permutations or combined tickets (X from Y). All of these systems are available at Sportsbook, and at Exchange multiple systems and bets are only available for Back bets, not Lay bets.

Special options, pre-match bets

  • “Cash out” or “Close Bet” option available for both live and pre-match bets. This option will allow you to close the bet before all events on your ticket have been settled.
  • The Close Bet option is available for both single and multiple bets.
  • Withdrawn winnings are available immediately.

“Price Rush”:  you will automatically receive higher odds for certain selections. When a quota is increased, you will receive a confirmation.

Live betting offer – medium

The live betting platform is a relatively good one that works without interruptions, or with very long betting change breaks.

Find out which are the best bookmakers in terms of live betting offer, but also the position of Betfair online bookmaker in this hierarchy by accessing the rating of online bookmakers based on the live betting offer .

Most important events are available for live betting. The available betting options are almost similar to the pre-match offer, to which are added other bets specific to live events.

Live broadcasts

You can watch certain matches in live broadcast while betting.

Graphics and statistics

While betting live you have the opportunity to check the statistics of the match, also having at your disposal a graphical representation of the match.


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