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Lottery industry in Australia has grown at a steady pace in the past few years. The revenue that this industry is expected to generate in 2018 is to reach $7.2 Billion. People enjoy the lottery as they can be a part of this multimillion-dollar industry by investing a few dollars on any given day.

The best part of Australian lottery is that the tickets are available for sale at many different locations around the country. To make the lottery system more accessible to the general population, the Australian Government has focused on bringing the game online as well. Some of the most famous lotteries can be played online where people can purchase tickets and check results while being in the comfort of their homes. The industry, however, is under threat from international lotteries being offered online from other countries.

The Key To Success Behind Australian Lottery System

Australian lotteries are promoted quite well, and many lotteries have established their own brand in the market. Rather than referring to it as a “lottery”, Australians call it the ‘Lotto’. One of the most famous lotteries in Australia is the Tattslotto. Lottery companies like Tattslotto offer their customers multiple options to win the lottery. This attracts people from all walks of like to take their chance in this form of entertainment.

Each type of lotto game is directed towards a certain audience this expands the target audience that each company can attract. Another most important feature of the Australian lottery system is its use of the latest technology and techniques to offer customer convenience. All these attributes make Australian lotto, one of the most famous in the world.

Tattslotto or Saturday Lottery

The lottery is own partially or solely by one of the biggest betting group in Australia known as the Tatts Group. The company is famous for this type of entertainment in many areas including the horse racing scene. Since the results are announced every Saturday, it is a great point of discussion among friends and family on the weekend. Since the lottery is drawn from all over the country, it has made people millionaires in one night. The minimum jackpot prize in this lottery is $4 million and the chance of winning that reward is approximately one in 8 million. However, there are many other rewards available in the lottery which makes it feasible for everyone to get a fair chance at each reward.

Tattslotto is considered one of the oldest lotteries in Australia. Tatt Group was able to secure the most valuable day of the week for their draw since they were one of the first few to introduce lottery in Australia. Their first every draw took place on a Saturday evening in the month of July 1972.

How People Play Tattslotto

Individuals who buy a Saturday lotto ticket have a chance to six numbers out of a pool of 45. They also have a bonus option to choose another two numbers from a separate set of 45 numbers. On the day of the draw, the person with a perfect match of 6 numbers with the lottery draw takes the jackpot prize. The largest amount distributed in this lottery can go up to AUD40 Million. These heavy lottery rewards are usually won at the time of new years where most Australians take part in their favorite bets.

Quick Pick VS Marked Entry Option

People have two options to choose from while picking their numbers. They can either let the machine decide which 7 numbers will make their lottery entry or they can choose all 7 numbers themselves. Different people have different preferences. Some suggest that picking completely random numbers through the machine is better since the Saturday draw is completely random as well. On the other hand, some people want to pick their own lucky numbers which hold emotional significance for them.

Once a random number has been chosen, the participants can increase their chances of winning by adding more numbers to their ticket. They have to pay more for this option, but it may sometime guarantee their win for at least a small prize in the draw.

Odds of Winning The Tattslotto

Although the bumper prize is a huge money the odds of winning that lotto is very few since an individual has to match all their six numbers in sequence with the winning draw. For the second prize, contestants have to match 5 numbers from their ticket with the draw. the odds of winning this prize are 1 in around 7 thousand. The odds of matching 4 numbers of the ticket are usually 1 in 733. Hence as the prize money goes low, the chances of winning increase.

Results of Tattslotto

Tatts Lotto has an online portal as well, this means that users having internet connection can play the lottery from anywhere in the world. To see how much you have won in your Saturday lottery you need to visit the Saturday Tattslotto results website. Tattslotto is one of the best ways to enjoy Australian lottery online from anywhere at any time.

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Another famous lottery game in Australia is called the Oz Lotto. For many, it may seem to be a short form of Australian Lottery with a little twist! The lottery system follows the same pattern as Tattslotto, however, the only difference is that this lottery takes place on Tuesdays. It is considered the lottery with the highest odds of winning anywhere in the world. Weekly jackpot prize can go up to AUD 10 million in this lottery. According to OZ Lotto latest news, online lottery system in Australia has given rise to another mode of payment for lottery ticket which is the Bitcoin currency.

A lottery is a great form of entertainment for people from every walk of life. Australians are a sports-loving country with people who love to talk about games at any type of gathering. Being part of their online lottery systems helps local and foreign citizens to have a good icebreaker for any social event. Not to mention the amount of prize money they can win by taking part in these games.

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